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    retirement areas for gay men

      I'm a retired physician in his early 60s. I live in Massachusetts and would like to get away from the cold and ice during the winters. At the same time, I find it difficult to tolerate high heat and humidity.

      I am gay and would like to retire in about 3-4 years to a city where there are a lot of older gay men for friendship. I can only think of two cities that have a lot of older gay men and where I could also afford to live: Fort Lauderdale and Palm Springs.

      Both of these locations have high heat. One is hot and humid, the other is very hot but dry.

      I was wondering if anyone else is dealing with similar issues and has found some solution or has some recommendations.

      I've even considered the possibility of moving to southern Spain (I speak Spanish), but I don't know how to go about figuring out how affordable Spain would be if I'm living off my Social Security and my decimated IRAs.

      Thanks for any help.
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          Im not in your situation but you might try epodunk.com . This website has the best cities for many different categories.


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            I think this is the Santa Rosa place that JohnSFO has in mind: <Fountaingrovelodge.com>.  Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste; if there's a way to make a hot link in these posts, I don't see it.
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              We had a vacation  house in Key West for 25 + years and found the excessive humidity of South Florida, high prices and lack of affordable air fares increasingly tiresome.
              We bought a house in Palm Springs 3 years ago and find it a wonderful community. Very vibrant,  reasonable prices, exceedingly diverse and cultured population. Yes, it is hot in the summer but many locals say it is the best time of year: lots of discount prices, no lines and the evenings are rather pleasant once the sun has gone down.
              The other attraction of Palm Springs is its proximity to the greater LA area and all that has to offer.
              Go for a trip to Palm SPrings and see what you think. A few months of hot weather sure beats 7 months of cold in the Bay state.
              We have spent time in Fort Lauderdale and find it much too congested. Palm SPrings is not.
              Good luck with your choice.
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                San Francisco would be ideal for your situation, a gay community and cool climate.
                Good luck!
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                  Have you considered Atlanta, Georgia? It has all four seasons, especially colorful autumns and beautiful springs!  There is an active, well-respected, LGBT community. There is plenty of cultural events to satisfy any taste. It is close to mountains, Lake Lanier, and a 4-5 hour drive to a beach. The one down side is, it is a BIG city, but the suburbs are a world apart - especially Decatur. Hope all goes well for you in retirement and you find the perfect place.
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                    You might consider a new LGBT retirement community in Santa Rosa, CA, about 90 minute drive north of San Francisco. My partner and I will be moving there when the facility opens in November or December. It's a very pleasant community with a winery across the street and a golf course behind the lodge. The name of the retirement community is Fountaingrove Lodge. Look it up online. There is an active gay life in Santa Rosa and the Russian River area, and it's only 90 minutes north of San Francisco. It can get very warm in the area, but humidity is not a big problem. It does have some humid days, but that's not common. If you contact the folks at Fountaingrove Lodge ask for Gena or Joseph. There are individual homes (stand alone) and units in the larger lodge structure. Good luck in your search.
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                      The climate is probably not ideal. Some humid summers--some winters are fine some aren't. But Bloomington, IN has a rather large gay community and there is lots to do with the presence of Indiana University. And it is affordable.
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                        My partner and I moved to Palm Springs area two years ago. We actually live in Rancho Mirage which is close to Palm Springs.  The area is about 305 LGBT and is very welcoming. Our community (gated but not 55 and older) is about 30% LGBT as is the country club that comes with our homeowners association.  There is a vibrant gay community including a number of older gay men, many retiring from SF and elsewhere.  We moved from SF area and enjoy the weather here.  It does get hot in the summer months (June-September) but the balance of the year the weather is spectacular.  I especially like that the humidity is so low-it's the old cliche about it not being the heat but the humidity is very true.
                        I agree with another person's suggestion that you visit the area.  Keep in mind that prices in the area are rising.  They expect real estate to go up about 16% next year after a 16+% increase this year so it appears to be the time to buy.
                        We considered Ft Lauderdale but have never regretted our decision to move to Rancho Mirage. It is close to LA and Vegas and has good flight connections.
                        One way we have dealt with the summer heat is to flee the area during the worst part of the summer so you might think about a vacation to Spain in the summer vs living there year round.  Many residents leave for the worst part of the summer heat and go elsewhere.
                        By the way, medical care seems very good here as well although I have been lucky not to need it very much.
                        Good luck
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                          I am finding Rochester,NY very comfortable and congenial. 
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                            There are MANY places in the world that speak either English or Spanish, and a lot of them have pleasant climates.  (Nowhere is perfect all the time.)  Many are very affordable -- moreso than the U.S.  Gay tolerance is another story:  you'd have to research that carefully.  I'd start with a visit to a gay-friendly hotel in a place of interest; there are websites specialising in that very thing.  Also, keep in mind that attitudes towards sexual acceptance are changing rapidly in much of the world.  But the point is that it might behoove you to think more globally than you're presently doing.  Vast Latin America springs to mind as a treasure trove of possibility.  (Even Brazil; many Spanish speakers can converse in Portuguese and vice versa.)  Living overseas has MANY benefits.  Just try it out before buying or otherwise committing.  Oh, and do enjoy the adventure of your research and anticipation.