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      I will be retiring in May and currently live in a suburb of Chicago.  I have grown increasing tired of the winters and the congestion.  I have had a condo in Naples, FL and have looked in Montana and South Carolina and will explore North Carolina in the spring.  I currently live in a town house and have two dogs.  Does anyone have suggestions about North Carolina or other mid-south areas regarding housing, taxes and cost of living for a senior on a limited income?  I have traveled extensively both in the US and internationally and am in good health.  Thanks 
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          hi, i live in naples now and plan on checking out the NC area early next year. i want a more diverse environment and enjoy the change of seasons. i would prefer living close to a university or at least in a university town since i worked my entire career at a large university.
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            I've lived in Chapel Hill, NC for almost 40 years and love it, but it's pricey (property taxes about 13k for example). Durham and Raleigh are more affordable. Durham has Duke, and Raleigh has NCSU as well as many smaller colleges. From either you can easily visit both the mountains and the ocean, and DC is about a four and half hour drive if you need more city. Duke has a nice continuing learning program.

            One possibility you might want to check out  is Willmington,  a  beautiful old city that feels more like a small community. UNC-W, a primarily undergraduate college is located on a spralling campus there. To try the area, you could rent a beach house off season on Wrightsville Beach. Because it's so close to Wilmington, it feels less isolated than other beach areas off season and you have all the city ammenities available within a ten mile drive.  Wilmington has an active thespian society, beautiful historic buildings, a fun river waterfront, and very warm and friendly people. It doesn not have the major medical center you'll find in Chapel Hill or Durham.

            Warning - our summers are HOT and often muggy - especially July and August.