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    Selling and buying


      Has anyone had experience selling one home in one state and buying one in another? We have a good real estate agent (we will be looking in 2011), but how do you judge the homes from your go-to state, and how does the financing work, etc.. Just curious for the future.

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          Just google relocation calculator. There are a plethora of sites to help you calculate the differences in cost-of-living between states, and even countries. Try out a few different ones because they weight factors differently. You'll soon get a feel for a site that makes sense for you.
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            I, too, am looking to relocate to the State of Washington and find the condo prices very high. Does anyone know how to find foreclosure listings for free in the State of Washington?

            I will try to suggestion to look at a relocation calculator.  However, I am going one way or the other as my sister lives out there and I want to be closer.  She is too busy to do research for me.


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                I live in eastern Washington State.  I suspect that you want to move to western Washington though.  The best places to look for foreclosure lists would be through HUD and probably through some of the banks in the area.  If you know where you wish to live, you may want to pull up yellowpages.com and look up local banks and make a call for a list or a number to call that carries their sales. 

                Good Luck.  Washington is a great state.