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    Relocation: health ins coverage

      Hello, all.  I hope to relocate outside the US when I retire.  I wonder whether anyone here can share some helpful
      tips regarding choosing insurance coverage.  I currently have uniform medical coverage and will continue it when
      I retire [with Medicare at age 65], but it  will exclude care outside the US.

      In thinking about this I realize that I can always return to the US annually for my physical and other preventable screenings,
      as well as for managed non-life-threatening medical conditions.  What I would need for time spent outside the US would
      be, I am thinking, a policy covering catastrophic illness/injury as well as coverage for emergency medical evacuation.
      Does anyone have any experience applying for [and paying for] a policy of  this sort?  Thanks for any information  you may
      care to share  here.

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          believe it or not, most other developed countries have much cheaper comprehensive care than the US. Try Canada, mexico, Central America, South America...all have affordable health and never as complicated as our god forsaken system. Go, move away, you'll be healthier anyway!!! Good Luck!!!