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    Florida relocation

      I was wondering if anyone has made the move to Florida recently. I would like to know what obstacles they may have run in getting a decent home insurance. This is because I have read that so many insurance companies have stopped insuring in Florida and that now it seems only the state insurance company is the only one now insuring homes.

      And what about the cost now. Is it so high that it is no longer feasible to move to Florida?

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          I live in Florida and work in a state university. I have had some trouble buying homeowner insurance, but really it's not impossible. The state has a program for homeowners who can't find a company that will insure their home.

          As far as the cost of buying a home, due to the mortgage crisis there are homes available. Housing prices have come down slightly within the past six months and there are homes available. When I first tried to buy my home, investors were making offers the day houses went on the market and it was very difficult to buy one for a reasonable price. Now homes are staying available a bit longer. Taxes are not too bad down here either.

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              I just joined this website.  I read this post and somehow gave it a 2 rating.  I honestly didn't know I was rating it.  I was ust trying to figure it all out.  Please accept my apologies.  Your posting was just fine.  Have a great day. 
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                LTB - What part of the state do you live in?  Are you near the coast?  I'm planning on moving to FL when I retire.  My plan is to move in 2012 but recent stock market activity may change that.  I'll be living in the North Central  part of the state near Gainesville on a lake.  Currently taxes and insurance are both less than what I'm paying now (the house is already in the family).  I was wondering if the insurance problems are only near the coast due to hurricane possibilities in those areas.
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                    If your homeowners' insurance company is like mine, you will be paying a larger premium for living anywhere in Florida, but just a little less than you would if you were within a mile of the coast or a lake. All of Florida is subject to hurricane effects and tornadoes that spinoff of hurricanes, etc.  Also, your auto and RV insurance may increase because of a Florida location, due to the loss experience(s) by the individual insurance company. Check with both insurance companies and get premium quotes if that becomes an issue.