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    Alpha blockers such as Terazosin

      Anyone out there familiar with the drug Terazosin, and living with its side effects?  I'm looking for a group familiar with the drug.  Thanks. 
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          If you google Terazocin, you should come up with the prescribing information ("label") which describes side effects and mitigation strategies.  Presumably, you are taking it for BPH.  There are other therapies in similar and different classes.  Most of all, discuss with your physician and/or pharmacist.
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            I've been taking it for many year for my blood pressure.  I take it at night.  As for side effects, I have none when I take it at night.  If however I take it in the morning, there is the possible side effect (at least in me) to have orthostatic blood pressure changes (I get dizzy if I stand up quickly after being seated for a period of time.)

            An added benefit of taking it at night, is that you don't need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, as it suppresses my urge to need to urinate.
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              Alpha blockers are great drugs but if you have not cataract surgery yet, you might want to discuss with you prescribing doctor the complications an alpha blocker can cause during cataract surgery.