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    Diabetic discussion group


      I'm interested in starting a chat group for diabetics.  I am 64, have been diabetric for 13 years, well under control with oral medications and more importantly, through diet and exercise.  I find a great deal of not "misinformation" but less than candid advice on diabetes - even the ADA magazine, Diabetic Forecast, provides very generic information and shys away from giving specific advice.  For example, diabetics must stay away from stuff like pound cake, dogoughnuts, fried chicken and ice cream.  Now, diabetics can indulge in their favorite foods...but it takes advance planning, selective shopping and very careful preperation.  Eating well is not effortless and not inexpensive!  

      Other advice for diabetics - never drive where you can walk!  Never take an elevator where you can take the steps!  If you can, live in a community where all your needs can be met by walking...I know such communities are few and hard to find, but if more people want them, more will be built...I recall a comment by the GOP commentator Pat Buchanan...Democrats want to live in crowded places and take light rail to work, and Republicans want to live McMansions and drive their Lincoln Navigators to work!

      Democrats live healther!




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          I'm not sure exactly what it is that you want to discuss about diabetes, especially as it relates to retirement. I agree that there is a lot of misinformation out there, but that applies to all medical conditions, not just diabetes. However, if you have had diabetes for 14 years and it is well controlled, I guess you found the facts you need and figured out an approach that works for you.

          As for diet and exercise, that is a good idea for just about everybody regardless of their health status. There is a "Health and Fitness" forum here, so maybe you would like to start a thread there. Other than that, is there something you want to share about diabetes in retirement?

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              Right now working full time is a big factor in my diabetes control - the three mile everyday walk home to Metro and Metro to office, walking around in the office and occasional travel.  I imagine keeping diabetes in check will take more proactive effort, as it will be easy to get lazy and eat more in retirement. 

              But here is something I discovered that could benefit other diabetics:  a brief work out, like a tread mill or rowing machine, just ten minutes, about 30-45 minutes after a meal, seems to make a big difference in controlling blood glucose PP (about 140 instead of 170-180)...