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    Brain Injury

      I retired early (AGE 61) due to the effects of a severe brain injury I sustained 8 years ago. Is anyone else in this situation.
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          You have my sympathy. Sounds as if you're in a hard position.

          My DH suffered a severe haemorrhagic stroke at age 50. We were fortunate that we use a lot of alternative medical professionals, specifically acupressurists and acupuncturists.

          Our HMO offered only a minimum of physical therapy sessions, three to be exact. We believe that it was far more helpful that he went for 3x/weekly acupressure sessions, which he continued for over a year. After that he went down to 2x/week for another six months, then weekly, and finally 2x/monthly.

          It's not cheap, and we pay it all out of pocket, after tax. But many people (including my sister, who is a career ICU nurse) have told us they are amazed at how well he has recovered, as no one can see any tell-tale evidence in his appearance, movement, or mental acuity.

          He does, however, have leftover damage. It's just not easily visible. He tires more easily, he lost hearing in his affected side, and if he doesn't focus his attention, his mind will wander from the subject of discussion. When walking, he has a tendency to veer off to the left (affected side) if he doesn't concentrate on walking in a straight line.

          He had some interesting symptoms of brain injury during his convalescence. It was very frustrating that the doctor we had never bothered to really listen or even write down what we reported. For the first three years he was extremely cold on the left side, and even now his skin is noticeably cooler on that leg. He occasionally had odd reactions to foods he used to like, but those taste reactions would eventually fade after six months to a year.

          There's a lot going on in the brain that is inexplicable. What are your symptoms and how are you dealing with them?