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    Staying fit

      I have been walking for a long time for exercise, but now have developed 'heel spurs' which can be painful with extended walking.  Any recommendations for alternative exercises? 
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          I prefer bicycling (or tricycling for those who need it).  There's much less impact on joints and you can set the pace you want, ranging from leisurely to vigorous.

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            I swim at least 3 days a week in the heated pool at the university rec center (indoors)....very easy on the joints and I too have a heel spur.  One thign I will say is getting good custom orthotics helps a great deal with this (see a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist), as well as daily application of BioFreeze (can be found at your local emdical supply store..I use the roll on).  gentle hatha yoga is also very helpful and non-invasive..just ebfore to use a good pad for your sore foot.