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    Healthy Cooking

      Corn in the oven
      Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place the corn in the oven with the husk on and let it bake for 30 minutes. Delicious!

      Corn on stove top grill
      Remove husk . Place the corn on the stove top grill. Turn frequently so that it is cooked evenly on all sides.. Sprinkle feta cheese and a pinch of chilli powder (found in Indian grocery stores). Enjoy!
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          Gardening gives the freshest, tastiest vegetables.  Even small plots can yield taste excitement.  One Sweet Hundreds tomato plant trained up my outside staircase produces so many tiny cherry tomatoes I'm able to add them to salads, scrambled eggs, pasta and stir fry dishes.  Bonus:  sometimes I get new babies in the spring if the rains are right.  In coastal NC I have fresh tomatoes into December.  My winter garden is a small plot 10 x 10 about that has kale, tatsoi, spinach, miksuna, arugula and lettuce.  Garlic chives and marjoram are my two favorite herbs and fresh herbs get chopped onto all my veggies, into salads, soups, stews.  I have a balcony basil plant that produces seedlings in its summer deck pot, which I give to friends plus potting one up for my sunny winter kitchen window.  The potted marjoram lives there too.  If you don't like vegetables much try really fresh from a small garden plot or shop your local farmers market and herbs and seasonings.  This year my 4 eggplant plants have outdone themselves and I am searching for new recipes with google.  Skillet moussaka was yummy family meal - not picture pretty enough for company.  Look for Renee Shephards cookbooks - Recipes from a Kitchen Garden and More Recipes from a Kitchen Garden for ways to use fresh herbs and vegetable to liven up your meals.  Cooking for two can be fun!