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    long term health care

      Hi I am new to this site.  I am 68 years old and live in New york city and in the Berkshires in Massachusetts.  I wanted to buy long term health insurance and was told by several people it wasn't worth the expense.  For those of you who have long term health insurance, can you tell me the pros and cons.  And can you tell me what plan you use.  Thank you, Jo13
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          Is there a reason you're starting a new thread when there is already a LTC discussion in this forum? I've done some extensive posts on it, as have others, so there doesn't seem to be much point in typing the same responses twice.

          If you have specific questions that aren't covered in that discussion, however, we're all more than happy to help!

          Find an agent who SPECIALIZES in LTC insurance (meaning he should sell at least two different carriers, more if possible; it isn't difficult to become an approved agent with any carrier) and get a quote. Being told "it's not worth the expense" is meaningless if you have no idea how much a policy would cost, whether you are even eligible health-wise to qualify, and what your own finances can afford.

          There are so many variables to the equation of "worth the expense" that unless  you have actual premium costs to compare, another discussion of generalities which is already contained in the previous thread, won't really help you.