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    Do migraines and eye health improve with


      I am looking forward to retirement mostly for health reasons. I work in a strong florescent light environment. I get a lot of migraines and migraine variants plus I have trouble focusing my eyes at work and in stores that also have a lot of florescent lighting. I am on a lot of medications for my health. Has anyone noticed an improvement of health after retiring? That is what I most look forward to.


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          Carol, have you read the book by Dr. David Buchholz, MD, "Heal Your Headache"?  He is a nationally recognized expert on migraines and on the faculty of Johns Hopkins Medical School.  I'd strongly recommend it.
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            Holy Cow Carol,

            Find a different department or even job unless your retirement is only weeks off.  What goes on that you'd abuse yourself this way?  Sorry about asking the nasty question. 


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              I have several eye concerns, and migraines. My headache dr. feels retirement will benefit the headaches, they should drop, a finding confirmed in age studies. I am 62 and mine are now rare.

              I have dealt with glaucoma (on-going) , cataracts and tear duct blockages. Eye problems increase with age, as I have experienced.

              Remember, good caring competetnt doctors make it much better for us sufferers
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                Hi Carol,

                I've lived with chronic and severe uveitis since 1976.  My primary treatments were Prednisone Tablets, Pred-Forte eye drops, and dilating eye drops. At times my pain and headaches were so severe that I would recluse to our basement rec room where it was dark, without lights and no day light, often leaving work for my space.  My vision deteriorated to the level of "Legally Blind"  Still, I continued to work at a Public/Private University and serve on my City Council.  I finally I went out on disability and applied for S.S.D.  both were approved immediately and  subsequently I was retired.  I completed my long term community service and we relocated to the Gulf Coast.  I say all that to say, yes retirement and re-location has eased my pain!  Even though I'm doing the same regime of medicines, I have not had any eye pain or migraine/tension headaches since, although my vision has not improved due to the long term use ofmedicines and removal of cataracts 25 years ago. .



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                  Carol - retire as soon as you can!  I just retired a year ago and the day to day stress no longer exists.  What a relief - less money but now I can enjoy each day, finally can appreciate the weather and my dogs are overjoyed that I am not leaving them each day and coming home exhausted every night.  I was working five days a week and on weekends and was not able to use all my vacation time.  I am so happy to be free and feel so much better physically!  I was having carpal tunnel syndrome - that disappeared when I retired!   You'll feel better when you retire.
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                    I work in a library, constantly in front of a computer. Trying to focus from the printed page to the computer screen is becoming more difficult. I do find it easier with my glasses off, for some reason. I have had detached vitreous in both eyes, am developing cataracts and am seeing the ophthalmologist again for possible glaucoma (my mother had it).
                    Retirement might be the answer but what about reading, knitting, art work, etc. -- will I be able to do that as much as I would like?