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    Living w/ children

      Has anyone financed/built an inlaw's quarters at their childrens's home or your home ? Seems like a win-win . Increases the value of the home while providing living arrangements on a smaller , controlable level for the parent.
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          Well, I've allowed grown children to live with me a couple of times for short periods, and I was helped the same way by my parents when a life change occurred.  Once we have lived on our own, it is more difficult to cohabitate with children or elders.  Families lived together and supported both older and younger members that way in the past, however, our value systems seem to have changed. 

          Although in Inlaw apartment might sound like a good plan, and is better than sharing a home already occupied, be sure to investigate completely.  My cousin did this for her elderly Mom, with Mom footing the cost for the remodeling.  However as with most building, costs skyrocketed and some of the work never got completed.   Mom spent what she had planned and did not want to use more of her cusion.  My cousin never got extra for utilities while the costs increased considerably.  To add to a bad situation my cousin's brother showed up a few years later, and took up residence with their Mom, sending utility costs even higher, but never offering to help offset.   Another problem was the water/sewer system.  No one bothered to spec out what a new system would cost until the Inlaw Suite was added, and the Septic system went bad.  The specs changed considerable with the added apartment increasing the cost nearly double.   Also there is the issue of zoning for single or multiple family dwellings.  This needs to be established prior to even contemplating such an idea.  One reason separate utilites were not established to begin with was zoning.