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    Changing Life Style

      As a single man as of two years ago, my life needed change, but not in a blinded fashion.  My life style changed from one of gifting little to gifting almost daily.  A first step was to set up a permanent scholarship for my late wife.  Gifting of household goods came next as downsizing was absolutely necessary.  Few items were simply given to such organizations as GoodWill.  Rather, selected organizations such as Women's Space, Doctors without Borders, Helping Hands, and Food for Lane County were handpicked.  Others groups such as senior centers, cat and animal shelters, churches, and alliance leagues were singled out.  This greatly helped with the healing process.
      The second year led to a change of my personal residence, combined with a continued effort to rid my household of items not longer needed. 
      When a loved one dies, especially one with whom you have shared over 44 years, you are faced with choices:  become more inner-directed and slowly die or just the opposite, namely, think more of others than yourself.  This strategy is working for me, despite the few days when sadness returns.