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    Caring for Aging Relatives


      You know, it is not just aging parents we baby boomers have to deal with it is also extended family.  I have an uncle in Rhode Island who had to move into an assisted living facility.  His wife, my aunt, passed away in April 2009.  I live 5 1/2 hours away in upstate New York but feel I must routinely go see him.  On the phone he says such things as, "I have no family".  I must remind him he DOES have family who love and care about him but he does not have family who can live with him at home and help take care of him.  Fortunately, he has wonderful neighbors and a lawyer he has known since she was a little girl.  I have been in contact with her and am trying to follow her suggestions while keeping my uncle's needs in mind.  He is 88 years old and my mom is 86 years old.  Fortunately, my younger brother due to economic circumstances must live at home and is there for her.  He benefits and my mom benefits.  I also have another brother who lives about 10 miles away.  I do get told that I am not around (she lives in California) but I again must remind my two brothers that I support her financially when needed and I call her at least once a week just to talk. 

      I am doing the best I can for both my mom and my uncle and, if I keep telling myself that, I might end up believing it.