What's New on MyRetirement?

Version 15

    TIAA.org went through a rebrand to make the site an easier and more aesthetically pleasing place to visit. Now, MyRetirement has followed suit with an upgraded community.  We are pleased to share new features and functionality on the MyRetirement community.


    As you explore the new community, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are here to help make this transition as seamless as possible. You can reach the Community Manager directly at MyRetirementHelp@tiaa.org.


      1. Registration/login


    The way you access MyRetirement has changed. Click the below link that describes you for more information:



      2.  Content organization


    We have re-organized the content on MyRetirement into 7 categories to make it easier for you to know where to post and where to find the information that best serves you.


    You will now be able to view discussion forums, Poll questions and blog posts by topic. Navigate to a topic (such as Money) from either the Topics list on the left side of the homepage or from the Topics bucket on the MyRetirement Homepage. Use the buttons to read and reply to forum threads (Join the Conversation), read recent blog posts (View Discussions) and start a new forum thread by using the pencil in the upper right-hand of the screen and selecting 'Discussion' (Start a Discussion).





      3.  New Community


    We are so excited to announce that, in addition to the new and improved MyRetirement community, you will also have access to Woman2Woman: Financial Living, a place where women can share financial attitudes and experiences and get insights from top financial experts. You will not need to register for this community—it’s available for you to visit once you log in!


    Simply go to the scroll bar in the top left corner and select HOME from the dropdown and select Woman2Woman




      4. Rewards Program


    You may have noticed that you now have points associated with your account on MyRetirement. These points are a fun way to encourage participation and engagement with content and other members on the communities. You will receive points or badges for various missions that you accomplish on the communities, such as completing your profile or participating in discussions. You will reach the next level as you gain points.


    You will be awarded badges as you complete specific missions. Badges provide a persistent notation on your profile to inform others that you have accomplished that mission. Your status level is also a permanent element of your online presence that is achieved through earning points.


    Within your profile, you will be able to view your Activity, Missions, Places and Ranking.


    We can’t wait for you to get started on the new and improved community. Remember, if you have any questions, you can reach the Community Manager directly at MyRetirementHelp@tiaa.org.