I went around the table of Experts and asked each one what they are most thankful for in their (financial) lives.


Personally, I’m thankful for my financial independence. Since I established good savings habits at a young age, I don’t have any financial worries at this stage in my life. So, this holiday season I’ll be putting money into my nieces’ and nephews’ 529 college-savings plans—and encouraging them to adopt the same saving behaviors that served me so well.


Shelly Eweka: I’m grateful for the financial sacrifices I made early on in my career, and which allowed me to contribute the
maximum amount on my retirement accounts year-in and year-out. It directly contributed to the financial stability my family and I enjoy today.


Annie Gottbehuet: I’m thankful to be in a position where I can financially support my entire family. And I owe that to my
parents, who introduced me to the concept of saving and budgeting when I was a child.


Kerry Hannon: I’m thankful that I’ve saved and invested enough over the years to have the freedom today to accept meaningful work that I want to do. Being financially fit means I don’t need to take on jobs that I must do in order to pay the bills. The topper: I’m grateful
to be surrounded by smart, engaged, and positive people, who inspire me daily.


Conchy Perez: I’m thankful to have saved enough to retire whenever I want— thanks to the career opportunities that have come my way. But mostly, I’m thankful to my parents who made financial sacrifices in order to put me though school. They are my heroes.


Manisha Thakor: I’m thankful for the financial fluency that has helped me navigate potential pitfalls in relationships. At dinner, I’m not afraid to be the one who asks: Should we split the check or divide it up according to who ate what? Money can ruin a relationship if you don’t talk about it openly. I hope this approach empowers others to be more transparent.


Alicia K. Waltenberger: I’m thankful that my husband and I successfully maxed out our retirement plan contributions for yet
another year!