Almost everyone today is an expert in some field or industry. The people who are recognized for their expertise are bold enough to share what they know and humble enough to stay abreast of changes occurring in their professions.

You can build your reputation, starting today, by following these steps:

  • Join professional associations in your field. Get involved in a committee and be willing to
    serve in any way.


  • Follow experts in the field on Twitter. Become a great "re-tweeter" and join the conversation on topics you are passionate about. You’ll be surprised how many people will follow you.


  • Attend conferences. Ask detailed follow-up questions at presentations/seminars. Presenters and other attendees will ask, “Who is she, and when is she presenting a seminar?”


  • Network. A great introduction may be just around the corner--someone who can open new doors for you!


  • Publish. Write about your area of expertise in professional journals and online. You’ll quickly build a following of your own.


  • Show gratitude. Remember to send a “thank you” note to anyone who helps you along the way. It puts you on her radar for a future project or new venture.