Yes! If you pass away and you have family that depends on you, you need life insurance. Do you have pets that would need care? You need life insurance. Debt? You need life insurance. Do you want to leave a legacy to loved ones, charity or an institution? You need life insurance.


There is not dollar amount that could represent your worth! However, you can provide for those who depend on you in case of your premature death.


Women are reaching new milestones all the time. Just in the past generation, more women have become their family's primary breadwinners.1 As we reach new heights, professionally, personally, and financially, some things never change. We still seek to nurture and care for the people we love, promising a supportive ear to a friend, or the future promise of a college education to our children.


As we continue to grow, we learn more about the importance of having a solid financial plan to help us keep our promises — but where does life insurance fit into that plan?


It’s important to make sure your largest asset — your anticipated future earnings and contribution to your household — is properly insured. Life insurance can help protect your family's future in the event of your loss by providing proceeds that are generally tax free to your survivors.2 The appropriate amount of insurance depends on your needs and personal circumstances, but both you and your spouse or partner should determine how much coverage you need using our Life Insurance Calculator.


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1 Source:, U.S. Women on the Rise as Family Breadwinner, May 29, 2013


2 There are some exceptions to this rule. (See IRC Section 101(a).)

Exclusions, restrictions, limitations, and reductions in benefits will, in certain situations, apply to your policy. Please note that TIAA-CREF Life has the right to contest the policy for misrepresentation by the applicant.

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