A: ABSOLUTELY! As a mother, your job is priceless to you and your family. Even though you’re not earning a salary, your contribution to the household is significant. In fact, it has been estimated that if you had to hire someone to handle all of your responsibilities, it would cost your family $112,962 a year.*


What would your family do in your absence? Would they have to move to a smaller home or apartment? Could they afford daycare? And worse, when the other expenses go up, how will your family be able to continue saving for your children’s college educations?


If you don’t own enough life insurance protection, you’re undervaluing the importance of your work to your family. Should you die, your life insurance can help cover expenses, help pay off the mortgage, and even help fund your children's educations.


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* Guoveia, Aaron. “What’s a Mom Worth in 2012”. Salary.com.


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