A: This is a question I wish more people were asking – it’s way too easy to let life fly by without ever sitting down to write down your wishes. In fact, 53% of women don’t have a will!* Creating a will now will help your loved ones when they are facing an already difficult time. It also helps make sure your wishes are carried out how you want.


Sadly, many people still die intestate (meaning without a will). If you die without a will, the laws of your state determine how your assets are distributed — typically among certain family members — following your death. Your loved ones will be forced to go through the expensive and long probate process that could have been avoided.


Having a will allows you to:

  • Distribute your assets as you see fit
  • Name guardians for your minor children
  • Name an executor in your Will to guide your estate through the probate process


Don’t feel intimidated about creating your own will. Many people have a lawyer’s help to make a basic will — but you can do it yourself too. With a quick search online, you can find a basic template to use as a starting point in your conversation with an attorney. Make sure to keep your will in a safe place and let loved ones know where it is.


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* Greenhough, Jenny. “57% of Adults Don’t Have a Will — Are You One of Them? Estate Planning Survey Results Announced.” Rocketlawyer.com.