OK - I worked until age 70; I am now 78.  I am in good health. I bought a beautiful little home (OK not SO little) in Kentucky (needed to get out of expensive New York).  Just suddently realized that I am 8 years older than when I bought this house!  Gee, slow learner!  Anyway, I find that my expenses have increased vis a vis needing help with outdoor maintenance.  I have no debt, paid cash for my 2014 VW Beetle.

I have not touched my 403B, except for the required minimal distribution.  I think it's time to begin drawing money from the 403B.  At first I was aghast at this idea, but then I thought," So when will you take some out - at 98?"  Any suggestions?

By the way I did investigate moving to a condo, apartment, etc. but was disappointed each time I looked.  This house is perfect for an older person - one floor, attached garage, good storage, beautiful backyard.  I figured I would rather stay here until I "require" an assisted living facility, etc.  BTW - I ride a bike about 20 miles three times a week, weather permitting!