Can you believe it’s already been over a month since we launched Woman2Woman?!  As a companion to MyRetirement, we’ve had some great questions come through our Ask the Expert feature, as well as fellow MyRet members giving substantial feedback and comments on content.  Thanks to all who were among the first to contribute on W2W!


I’d like to take this opportunity to get your feedback on the W2W community experience.  Can you take a few minutes to share your thoughts in the comments below?


What do you like?

What kind of Expert content would you like to see more of?

What do you wish was different?


If you’re more comfortable sharing feedback directly, you can email me at or send me a direct message on the community: W2W Community Mgr.


As many of you have already shown, each of us has valuable insights on life based on a common but unique thread: experience. By contributing your thoughts, you play a key role in the knowledge sharing and support systems that make this community’s wheels turn.


I encourage you to refer to the Communities Help space for detailed step-by-step instructions on virtually anything you would like to do on the community. And remember, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at


Welcome to W2W!

-- Liz

W2W Community Mgr