We had such a great response to our last Woman2Woman webcast that we’ve decided to do it again. I hope you’ll join my fellow W2W Expert Cindy Wilson and me as we share our experiences applying joy-based spending to our daily lives.


Do you ever feel like you’re leaking money on things that are supposed to bring you happiness—but ultimately don’t? Many of us have felt this way, which is why a joy-based spending approach to finances is so important.


During our webinar, you’ll discover ways you can:


  • Pinpoint the experiences and items that truly bring you joy
  • Stop spending money on things that ultimately feel like empty calories
  • Redirect your finances in ways that really light your fire


I wrote an article about joy-based spending last spring and it got a fabulous response. Read it here if you missed it. 


This method has helped enrich my own life in more ways than you can imagine. Make sure you don’t miss out and register now by clicking the button above. Then get ready to feel more personal satisfaction about where your dollars are being spent. See you October 18.



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