Our 16 year old daughter is expecting a child.  Talk about unexpected.. We've already been through the motions - Hurt, disappointment, saddness. We eventually came to appoint of acceptance and realization which seemed to bring up more emotions - Fear, anxiety, worry..  You see I am 36 years old (yes I had my daughter just as young which is why this is so painful amongst other emotions) and my husband is 43.  We are a blended family with six children all ranging from age 8 to 23.  My husband and I still work and are in the middle of our careers and were planning for the next step in our lives since 2 out of the 6 children will be adults soon.  Planning for cars and college seemed like enough to plan for and then WHAM!.. a baby!?  This news completely unbalanced our planning and quite literally gave us an unwelcomed jolt.  My daughter is intending to keep the baby and we are 100% supportive of her choice and of her journey but my husband and I feel stuck.  We've been left with so many decisions that we do not know where to begin.  Insurance for the baby, how will my daughter and the father raise the baby living seperately?  Can we afford to help with the costs of the baby?  What will happen to my job if I need time off to help my daughter after she has the baby?  So many things to consider.  I know this isn't a typical topic but if there is anyone out there tha has experienced this type of journey, how did you survive it?  I know we will get through this somehow but the unknown is such a frightening place to be.