A: I have so many role models for both career and financial success. Top of mind, I’d say the women who serve on the board of HERS (Higher Education Resources Services). These are women who represent an amazing compositional diversity in terms of race and ethnicity. They’re presidents and vice presidents of community colleges, state universities, private colleges and Ivy League schools across the nation. Whenever I’m in one of their meetings I just sit there and learn.

I’ve learned so much from them about their career trajectories, their volunteerism and, as some become more senior, fulfilling their retirement dreams.

These are women who’ve practiced the guiding principles of financial wellness throughout their careers. So they’ve essentially empowered themselves to do whatever they choose to do in retirement. And they’re not choosing to sit on a beach. I can’t think of a single one of them who isn’t planning to stay actively and intellectually engaged by coaching, doing volunteer work and continuing to advocate for girls and women.