A: It’s interesting. According to a recent study there actually are specific industries in which women seem to perform better. When Colorado College conducted “Benchmarking Women in Leadership in the United States, 2013,” we looked at 14 sectors and where women sit in position of leadership roles across those sectors.

We found that the tech space and the entrepreneurship space are more progressive about women and women’s participation.

While there were still inequities in the representation of women and the pay of women, those two industries are a little more fluid in offering greater possibilities for women. In terms of leadership roles, the greatest percentage of women as leaders in those industries approached the 30% mark. The 30% mark is what we think of as a tipping point for women in leadership positions within higher education. For example, half the Ivy League presidents are currently women. I think women as presidents in the community college sector exceed 30% at this point. So yes, there are industries where women are definitely performing better.