A:  I think formal mentorship programs at work are absolutely important. Though it’s helpful to have more than one person to turn to for advice, having a formal mentor is an invaluable resource. Women leaders who take part in formal mentor programs already know what you need to know and are willingly there to help you find your way to the top. Mentorship programs give women a really strong green light to ask a set of questions and work with senior-level women in ways they may not have otherwise had. It especially gives women who aren’t necessarily bold or extroverted permission to ask the questions they need to ask.

Your program mentor can help you find answers to questions that will be important to your career. “How does an individual plan her own career advancement? How does she manage the environment she’s in? What kind of skills should she be developing along the way? Are there other degrees she should get? What are the differences between degrees in regards to what kind of opportunities they can open up — both in terms of career fulfillment and financial well-being?”