We spend much of our lives saving for—and anticipating—our retirement. But what are the best aspects of being retired? U.S. News recently shared "The 3 Best Things About Being Retired" (January 2015). Included in this list are:


More time to work out. Cramming your gym sessions between client meetings and around long commutes can be more trouble than it's worth: It's no wonder most Americans don't exercise enough. Retirement opens up your schedule to incorporate morning yoga classes, afternoon swimming or evening circuit training.


Weekends never end. When your "weekend" is on a Wednesday, you can take advantage of reduced rates, not to mention reduced crowds: Stroll through quiet museums and enjoy discounted stays at hotels.


The website eHow offers its own spin on "The Advantages of Retirement" (updated February 2015):


  • Less stress. Dealing with tight deadlines and difficult clients can take a toll emotionally. Once all that work-related pressure goes away, blood pressure and stress levels can drop dramatically.
  • Giving back to the community. Many retirees donate their free time and even their accumulated wealth to worthwhile causes and charitable organizations close to their hearts.


What do you think is the biggest perk of retirement? What are these lists missing?