You may think it makes sense to look for new hobbies after you retire, but a recent U.S. News article (“Develop a Hobby Before You Retire,” December 2014) explains why it’s a good idea to get started while you’re still working:


  1. You might quickly lose interest. Hobbies can be like snazzy new outfits: They look great on you at first but after a couple of wears, you realize they’re not really “you.” Golfing or fishing may sound like ideal retirement pastimes, but you may find they lack the making of a lasting hobby.
  2. Hobbies can be pricey, so it makes financial sense to experiment while you’re still working. Most hobbies require an initial investment: think golf clubs and fishing poles.


Trying to come up with some hobbies to try out before you leave the workforce? Howstuffworks.com compiled a list of the “10 Active Senior Hobbies”:


  • Gardening and cooking. Both hugely popular among seniors, these hobbies can be combined. Start a vegetable garden and incorporate the produce into your recipes.
  • Stretching, yoga and pilates. Improve flexibility and stave off the stiffness that comes with age. Yoga is particularly
  • Swimming. The Centers for Disease Control have identified the following benefits to doing laps in the pool: it decreases your risk of chronic illness, improves health for diabetes and heart disease sufferers and is good for your joints and bones. From a mental standpoint, swimming is also linked to decreases in depression and improvements in mood.


Have you taken up a new hobby or are considering one? Tell us about it!