There’s nothing like a good celebration to kick off retirement. An eHow article (“How to Plan a Retirement Party”) provides some tips for how to plan and host an event to remember:


  • Keep the guest of honor’s preferences in mind. If he or she is uncomfortable being the center of attention, a smaller, low-key get-together is a better idea than a huge surprise party.
  • Set a budget. You can create a fabulous experience no matter how small your budget, but it’s important to know your financial parameters. Do your research to ensure you understand the cost of the venue, food, drinks and entertainment.
  • Come up with a theme. Take a look at Retirementparty-ideas.com. Incorporate elements of the theme into decorations and invitations.
  • Be creative. Think of unique ways to highlight the honoree’s accomplishments, such as a video of coworkers telling stories about working with him or her.
  • Make it memorable. It’s a nice idea to give the retiree something tangible to take home, such as a video or guest book filled with good wishes. And don’t forget to invite surprise guests like former coworkers or even a first boss.


Did you have a particularly special retirement party? What made it so memorable?