A common fear among many who are approaching retirement is loneliness: They worry their circle of friends will start to shrink and opportunities to meet new people will be harder to come by. A recent nextavenue.com article (“The Joys of New Friends,” November 2014) shares five ways to be make new friends in retirement:


  1. Go back to school. What better way to meet like-minded people than gathering with them on a regular basis to learn something interesting?
  2. Make social media… sociable. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (to name a few) can be good launching pads for meeting new people in the real world.
  3. Work out to get out. Aside from the obvious health benefits, going to the gym or exercising outside can be a great way to meet new people. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll get to know the people you see regularly.
  4. Get back in touch. Relationships can have strange trajectories—someone who years ago might have just been an acquaintance could just as easily become a treasured friend today.
  5. Meet up. Going to “meetups” organized around various topics and interests can provide an instant icebreaker. Check out www.meetup.org to join a book club, a hiking club, a girls’ night out club, even a vampire enthusiasts’ club—the possibilities are virtually endless!


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