Renowned author Isabel Allende recently gave a TED Talk that describes—with her characteristic charm and vivacity—her personal recipe for aging. Specifically, she advises to live passionately, to say “yes to life.” She adds that saying “yes” also means accepting life’s many ordeals, along with its joys.


Allende’s life-affirming stance often balances serious topics with a lighthearted spirit. Her life has been full of challenges including her escape from a military dictatorship in Chile and the tragic loss of her daughter.


At one point in her TED Talk, Allende states that the Spanish word for “retirement” is “jubilación.” Her wisdom? Retirement is a time to celebrate. Before closing with a humorous anecdote about Antonio Banderas, she declares retirement to be “our time, and it’s a great time.”


Source: “TED Talk: How to Live Passionately at Any Age, Author Isabel Allende on loving life ... and Antonio Banderas,” nextavenue.org, September 2014.