Throughout your working years, you may have fantasized about leaving your career and entering the “care-free” days of retirement. Unfortunately, certain aspects of life after work can potentially derail that imagined bliss. Following are five common concerns among retirees and how to cope with them, according to a recent USA Today article:


  1. Finances: Shifting to a fixed income is an upheaval for many. Lifestyle adjustments, such as downsizing to a smaller home or picking up a part-time job, can help simplify and reduce the costs of living and alleviate some financial anxiety.

  2. Health: Concerns about health issues and changes in insurance coverage are often huge stressors for retirees. Take care of yourself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with preventive care. Adopting an “attitude of gratitude” for your health while not worrying about what you can’t control will encourage a healthful, positive outlook.

  3. Caregiving: Facing the failing physical or mental health of a spouse or other loved one is difficult. Knowing when to ask for help and where to get it will help prevent caregivers from feeling totally overwhelmed.

  4. Relationships: Many wish they could spend more time with their kids and grandkids while others miss the camaraderie of the workforce. Others encounter issues with their spouses, given changes in daily routines. Think of retirement as an opportunity to focus on forgiveness—as you finally have the time to heal old wounds and work on relationships.

  5. Massive change: Retirement is a big life change. To ease the transition, consider retiring gradually or dedicating your new-found time to endeavors such as volunteering, adult education or other senior activities. Varying your activities may help lift your spirits and maintain a sense of purpose.


Source: “Five top stressors in retirement and how to cope”, USA Today, May 2014


What are your tips for maintaining a stress-free retirement?