When we think about what makes for a happy retirement, it’s easy to focus on the business side of things. It’s important, though, to keep in mind the non-monetary aspects of retirement.


A recent US News article provides tips for keeping life interesting once you’ve officially left the working world:

  • Shake up your schedule. If you’re bored and in a rut, do something new. Even if you’re not the adventurous type, don’t worry. Small changes to your normal routine can contribute to good mental health.
  • Spoil yourself a little. What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself? A five course meal? A foot massage? Go for it now and then.
  • Learn new things. There’s a wealth of online classes for just about any topic you can think of. Local colleges and other organizations offer many classes to choose from – on topics from finance to fine arts, and from technology to tai chi.
  • Meet new people. You’re more likely to be exposed to interesting new opportunities.
  • Don’t forget to have fun. Think about what makes you happy, what gives you joy. A trip to a local museum to see the paintings? A concert in the park? Or a daily Sodoku? Follow your bliss.

Source: usnews.com, “How to keep retirement fresh,” May 2014

Do you have any tips or trips to share for keeping things fresh? Let us hear from you.