The National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) has developed a ten-step Adherence Action Agenda to combat the growing issue of poor adherence to medication guidelines among patients 65 and older with multiple chronic illnesses. The report found that incorrect usage of medications has led to progressions in diseases and increased costs for healthcare due to emergency room visits, hospitalizations and re-admissions. With the projected rise in age-related chronic illnesses, this trend is expected to continue if left unaddressed.


"Although the challenge of poor medication adherence has been discussed and debated extensively, what is lacking is the clear recognition that prescription medicine use and the rising prevalence of chronic and co-morbid conditions are inextricably linked and together, represent a major opportunity to address this health threat," said Ray Bullman, executive vice president of the NCPIE. "This report is intended as a wakeup call that action is needed now to confront this combined threat, before the predicted continuing upsurge of chronic conditions overwhelms the healthcare system."


Presented as a “nationwide call to action,” the report laid out 10 specific recommendations to improve medication adherence.