In 2014, Medicare prescription drug premiums will likely remain the same–give or take a nickel or two. According to recently released numbers from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that were analyzed by health coverage plan website HealthPocket, prescription drug plans will have an average premium of $53.80 next year. That's on par with the average premium this year, which is $53.74.
Depending on location, some people may pay slightly more or less than the national average. HealthPocket said that costs will be slightly higher in states like Florida, Idaho, Utah and Pennsylvania, but lower in Arkansas, Maine, New Hampshire and Hawaii.
Steve Zaleznick, executive director for consumer strategy and development at HealthPocket, noted that this is good news for all Medicare beneficiaries.
"These numbers point to a positive overall picture for Medicare enrollees concerned about their premiums for prescription drugs," said Zaleznick.
He stressed, though, that consumers should still do their homework to ensure that they get the best deal when considering factors such as location and medical needs.