Deciding whether to move an aging parent into your home is not an easy decision. A recent caring.com article (“10 Factors to Consider Before Moving Elderly Parents In”) lists the questions you and your family should consider before making the move.


First, are you able to provide the care your parent needs—both financially and emotionally? Be realistic about what you can handle, such as filling out Medicare paperwork and organizing medications, and with which things you might need assistance. Assess your home — what changes would need to be made to accommodate your parent? It’s also important to evaluate your schedule: Do you have the time and energy to take on the daily care of an adult?


If you and your parent decide that an alternative housing arrangement is a better fit, AARP can help. Their search tool enables you to weigh options in your area. Just enter the type of care you’re looking for and your zip code to get started. Listings feature photos, reviews and cost information.


Has your parent moved in with you? What is your advice?