Emeritus Senior Living - one of the country's largest assisted living facilities - recently provided tips for how caregivers and those with Alzheimer’s can enjoy the holidays together without getting overwhelmed by stress.
"The key to a successful holiday season is involving loved ones with memory loss into activities to the appropriate extent, so they feel involved and cared about, but not to the point that it becomes overwhelming," said Kelly Scott, vice president of Emeritus.
One tip Scott provided was to include the loved ones with Alzheimer's in their holiday preparations. For example, individuals with Alzheimer's may wander if they have nothing to do. By occupying them with preparatory tasks - such as stuffing envelopes, folding napkins or making ornaments - idle time shouldn't be a problem.
Other suggestions for making the holiday more manageable include preparing guests for what to expect before they arrive and accepting help when it's offered.
See a full list of Scott’s recommendations here.
Alzheimer's disease is a form of dementia that impairs brain function. It is typically evidenced by an inability to remember both recent and past events and is often accompanied by changes in behavior, which typically become more pronounced over time.