If you are middle-aged and have kids, you might be taking care of both your kids as well as your parents, a situation that has you "sandwiched" between both generations. That's becoming more common, and can take a bite from your emotional and financial well-being.

Children and live-in parents/in-laws have their own requirements and needs, and each will demand your time. Your challenge is to satisfy their multiple demands, which can be a daunting balancing act.

So it is important to take time out to relax and avoid overextending yourself. Don't feel bad about saying 'no' sometimes. Set boundaries for what you will or will not do to help. And don't be afraid to ask for support from friends, spouses/partners or other members of the family. They likely will understand your situation and be more than willing to assist. Your responsibility to yourself and to your loved ones is to reach out for help when it's needed so that everyone can enjoy the "sandwich."