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While we have frequently discussed the best states for retirees, USA Today recently revealed the "10 worst states for retirement living," (November 2014). Which unfortunate states languish at the very bottom of the list?


5. Nevada. This state features a combination of the second highest violent crime rate in the country, a bad economy and below-average life expectancy for seniors.


4. Illinois. Property taxes are relatively high and the labor market is relatively weak: not ideal if you own a home and are looking to supplement your retirement income with part-time work.


3. Tennessee. The worst state in the country for violent crime and one of the worst for property crime. The life expectancy for seniors is also low.


2. Louisiana. Similar to Tennessee, this state is also afflicted by a high crime rate and low life expectancy.


1. Alaska. Of all 50 states, Alaska has the smallest share of people aged 65 and older. That should come as no big surprise: The weather is appalling and the economic situation isn't much better, with a weak labor market and high cost of living.


TopRetirements.com regularly compiles its own list of the "10 Worst States for Retirement" (last updated March 2014). Interestingly, only three states made both lists:

  • Illinois was recognized for its poor fiscal health.
  • Michigan is below average in almost all categories, especially with economic factors.
  • New York made both lists in part because of its high property taxes.




Will you be switching states when you retire? Do the factors mentioned in these lists impact your decisions?