For the ninth consecutive year, the Lone Star State was found to be most popular among people relocating from other states in 2013.


In its annual report, Allied Van Lines named Texas the 2013 top "Magnet State," with more people moving to the state than leaving it. Texas witnessed a net gain of more than 1,900 families, with Florida coming in at a distant second with just over 1,100.


Randy Moore, a Dallas-based Allied Van Lines agent, stated that the nation's second-largest state in land area—encompassing nearly 270,000 square miles—has dominated the moving landscape for the past decade.


"We've seen newcomers from every area of the country find a home in Texas, whether it's for the weather, business or retirement," said Moore.


Rounding out the top 5 magnet states were Arizona, Oregon and Colorado, respectively.


California considered 'most mobile' state


California, the nation's largest state in terms of population, was also prominently featured in the report. The Golden State was deemed the most mobile state, as more of its citizens were moving—either staying local or leaving for another state—than those in any other state. California was also in the top 10 list of most outbound states, those that see more people exiting the state than entering.


The most outbound state in 2013 was New York, which jumped several spots to the front-runner position after finishing fifth in both 2011 and 2012. Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Jersey were also among the top outbound states.


In late November, the U.S. Census Bureau released a report indicating that approximately 36 million residents - or roughly 12% of the nation - relocated between 2012 and 2013. David Ihrke, a demographer with the Census Bureau, indicated that most of the moves that took place were local, with 66% of people staying within the same county.