According to a recent study performed by Apartments.com, Austin, Texas is the best city for retirees to relocate and for snowbirds to spend their winters.


The online apartment listing service evaluated cities across the country according to several factors, such as the number of affordable apartments, ideal weather conditions, flexible leasing options, a large retirement population and a strong economy. Finishing in the top spot was the capital of the Lone Star State, where the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is just over $1,200.


Austin was followed by Las Vegas, which had an average rent of $829; Scottsdale, Ariz. at $1,073; San Antonio at $979 and Phoenix at $845.


"We wanted to look at elements that make a city attractive to both part-time residents and to today's retiree who is active and seeking a vibrant community with weather that lets them stay active," said Dick Burke, president of Apartments.com. "There are some surprises on the list - the biggest one being that typical snowbird cities in southern Florida were edged out by cities in Arizona and Texas."


Other ideal localities for retirees and snowbirds were Dallas; Plano; Overland Park, Kan.; and Mesa, Ariz.


According to recent figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 36 million Americans moved out of their homes between 2012 and 2013. The typical reasons people moved were related to housing, such as wanting to live in a residence that was larger or smaller. The second-most common justification was a desire to live closer to family members.