A November 2013 report published by the Brookings Institute reveals which cities are attracting the largest numbers of baby boomers and older generations. Near the top of the list are Sun Belt cities well known for attracting retirees: Phoenix, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Atlanta, and San Antonio.

Interestingly, two cities not known for year-round warmth are drawing an increasing share of the 55-and-up crowd: Denver (#5) and Indianapolis (#17).  

Top 10 cities with net migration gains of people age 55 and up:

1.    Phoenix, AZ

2.    Riverside, CA

3.    Tampa - St. Petersburg, FL

4.    Atlanta, GA

5.    Denver, CO

6.    Austin, TX

7.    Orlando, FL

8.    Jacksonville, FL

9.    Charlotte, NC

10. San Antonio, TX
In the same report, the institute shared cities with net gains of Millennials—those age 25 to 34 years of age. Six of the ten cities popular with matures are also attracting the younger set: Riverside, Atlanta, Denver, Austin, Charlotte, and San Antonio.
The Brookings Institute analyzed population trends in 51 U.S. cities with populations exceeding 1 million people from 2006 to 2009 and 2009 to 2012, based on data made available from the U.S Census Bureau.
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