Have you recently relocated or downsized your home as you prepare for retirement? Did you move into a log house by any chance?

If not, a recent poll by an affiliate of the National Association of Homebuilders says you might be in the minority.

According to the poll, log homes appear to be particularly popular among the retired population. Approximately 60% of respondents said that they intended to retire in a log home, while many said that they would begin the home-buying process immediately after leaving their jobs.

Richard Neroni, president and owner of residential design and manufacturing company Real Log Homes, confirmed that log home purchases have risen in recent years — particularly among retirees.

"A growing number of customers, today, want a log home for senior living," said Neroni. "Log home lovers love home life too. At least 60% said entertaining family and friends was 'very important.' Likewise, 61% want a wraparound porch and 65% want an open floor plan, both conducive to hosting large gatherings."

"Prettiest" destinations for retirement living

Whether or not retirees decide to purchase a log home, many do choose to relocate after leaving the workforce. Recently, senior news and information website compiled a list of some of the country's prettiest destinations for retirement.

Chief among these locales was St. Augustine, Fla. According to the website, this city is one of the Sunshine State's more picturesque locations, thanks to its proximity to the ocean and homes that embody the city's Spanish roots.

Another leading contender for aesthetically pleasing retirement locales was Charleston, S.C. Charleston was named the "top city" in the US by Conde Nast Publications in 2012 and has a number of golf courses that are sure to please retirees.

To the north, Burlington, Vt. was praised for its "proximity to nature," as well as a number of malls and outdoor shopping areas.

Some of the other attractive retirement locations included Boulder, Colo.; Sedona, Ariz.; Traverse City, Mich. and Asheville, N.C.
Speak up: Have you considered a log house for your post-retirement home? Have you thought about relocating to any of the “prettiest” cities?