According to a recent poll by Pulte Group, many baby boomers’ attitudes toward retirement are being shaped by newly-made decisions about their housing situations.

While many might have originally planned to move to a new home in retirement, or at least downsize their home to something more manageable, a larger proportion is changing their housing expectations. Now, 43% say they plan to live in the same city where they currently reside, and another 19% will move to a different city in the same state. That's up about 20% from the same survey conducted two years ago. Meanwhile, only 35% say they will relocate to another state for their retirement.

Further, 53% say their retirement destinations won’t be affected by where they kids or grandchildren are living, and only 32% percent want to live within 20 miles of their offspring once they stop working.

The poll also suggests that the majority of boomers want to continue working even after they officially retire from their current jobs. In all, more than 50% of respondents revealed that they plan to work part time, start new businesses or even take on entirely new occupations once they move into their post-career years.