Since the creation of in March 2008, one of the hottest topics of discussion has been where to live in retirement. In 2010, we asked members to nominate and vote on their preferred locations to dwell after hanging up a full-time career.
What you and your peers have made pretty clear is that you don't want to tie yourselves down to trendy locations just because they're trendy. You are more interested in having easy access to the things that are most important to you: culture, climate and family. Cost of living is important too.

A number of your top destinations happen to be in regions known for year-round warmth. However, you are willing to tolerate the weather in Pittsburgh, Seattle or Portland in exchange for easy access to the activities you enjoy and being close to family. The locations you favor also are typically either small towns or larger cities with a small-town feel.

Member wkuretiree said the best place to retire is near any major university for the cultural and sporting events that are of general high quality and relatively inexpensive. Virtually everyone who voted or commented agreed, although fphagan drew the "low cost" attribute into question.

The adventurers among you are willing to relocate beyond the U.S. borders to places with a lower cost of living, such as Mexico and South America, in order to stretch your fixed income further.

Your Top Ten
Here are the top ten destinations as nominated and voted upon by members:

   1 Pittsburgh, PA
   2 Seattle, WA
   3 North Carolina
   4 Portland, OR
   5 Las Cruces, NM
   6 Ruidoso, NM
   7 Tucson, AZ
   8 Eastern Tennessee
   9 Hope, NM
   10 Bend, OR

Locations receiving honorable mention: Delaware;  Richmond, VA;  Norway;
St. George, UT;  Lake Chapala, Mexico;  Panama, Central America;  New York City;  Alabama Gulf Coast

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It's not too late to voice your opinion. Share your thoughts below on where you would like to retire.

About the poll
This was an unscientific survey for which respondents (members of selectively chose to participate. Total number of votes: 1,709 Poll duration: 11 months.