Submitted by: sallye53

Description: I am retiring this year at the age of 65. We intend to "self-fund" ourselves with savings, my spouse's SSI, and other small defined pensions until I am 66 and reach full retirement age. My husband is nine years older than I am; he retired several years ago at full retirement age.


My understanding is that I can take a spousal benefit from my husband's earnings when I reach 66. This would be about $1,000 a month -- I think 50% of what he gets? -- and then delay my full benefits to age 70.

The difference is pretty substantial: I would get $2,064 a month on my benefits at age 66 and $2,724 at age 70, so I think if I go on the spousal benefit at 66 and delay putting in for mine until age 70 it would be beneficial.


We are debt-free and can live on the reduced spousal benefits. We also have 403(b)'s and Roth IRAs that are pretty well funded, should we need more cash for healthcare costs.


Does this idea have merit? Is there something I'm not seeing that could be a negative? Thank you in advance.